Warframe Best Amp Guide

Updated: July 23, 2020

Warframe Best Amp Complete Guide:

For anyone who likes to play WARFRAME, Here is the complete Warframe Best Amp guide for them. Amps are the dearest things to own in the game. WARFRAME Amps are different kinds of modified weapons that can be created or acquired through the game's journey. Amps are made of three components, the Prism, the Scaffold, and the Brace. The three elements have their unique specialties and powers, the prism determines the primary power mode of the weapon, the scaffold determines the secondary power, the brace helps in manipulating the stats on the Amp such as energy and critical chances.

Just like any other game, your performance in the game is completely dependant on two main factors. First is your gaming skill and knowledge of the game, and the second is the performance of your PC/ Gaming Setup. So, the first step to master any game is to spend some money on your gaming setup. So, my suggestion is to pair your gaming setup with a 4k 144Hz gaming monitor.

Different combinations of these components result in different Amps hence making Amps very personal to the player. First, Amp can be acquired with The quills syndicate from the Cetus and can be obtained again by purchasing the blueprints and making it. More Amps can be obtained or crafted with the components acquired from The quills and Vox Solaris.

Before being able to craft an Amp, the player has to purchase blueprints of the parts that they want from Quill Onkko or Little Duck. After buying the blueprints, the player needs to come back to the foundry to craft the Amps, and now for the assembly of the Amp, the player needs to go back to quill onkko or little duck. Now the player can choose the available components to make a personalized Amp. After selecting all three parts, the player can take a preview of the weapon before creating it and finally build a unique weapon that feels like his own.

What Are Warframe Amps?

WARFRAME Amps are different kinds of modified weapons that can be created or acquired through the game's journey. Amps are made of three components, the Prism, the Scaffold, and the Brace.

Why are Amps special?

Amps are particularly useful against sentient enemies because the void damage can kill the enemies regardless of the enemy's power to adapt. When you fight against the Battalysts, Shadow Stalkers, and Concluysts, you will observe that the primary weapons lose their original control; hence amps will be even more useful. Eidolons are the beasts that you'll see in Eidolon at night who are invulnerable to the primary weapons but vulnerable to the amps.

Everything About Mote Amp.

Mote amp is an Amp given to you in the initial stage of the game. It is perfect for initial battles, but as you go upwards, it becomes less and less useful. This Amp is highly energy inefficient and has a minimal range of 20m. It gives very little damage to the Eidolons, which will force you to move to another Amp.

How is an Amp built?

Prism, scaffold, and brace are the three elements that make an Amp. Each part has its importance and unique features.

Prism- The primary void beam of the Amp is determined by Prism.
Scaffold - The secondary void beam of the Amp is determined by Prism.
Brace - It manages the stat bonuses that you get in the game and add them to the Amp.

You can craft your own Amp only when you can switch to tenno operators and have the required components. Each element has seven tiers, and each tier has a single item. You can combine the three aspects from different levels and make an Amp. There are a total of 343 combinations that can be made in the game.

How to get the elements to make an Amp?

Either you can unlock the parts while playing the game, or you can just purchase them from the virtual vendors in the game. You'll get the parts from two places namely, Quill Onkko and Little Duck. Quill Onkko has the Amp parts from tier 1 to tier 4, and little duck supplies the parts from tier 5 to tier 7.

You must select the parts carefully while keeping in mind that higher tier doesn't mean the more important part is available in that tier, each piece has its importance, strengths, and weaknesses.

All seven levels have a different kind of prism with different powers and capabilities. Here is the list of all the seven prisms.

Prisms Tier List

Prisms decide the mode and type of fire, range of the fire, and the firing rate.


Raplak prism
Semi-auto, long-range, precise hit-scan
Shwaak prism
ShwaakSemi-auto, medium range, punch-through projectile
Granmu prism
Multi-shot grenade burst
Rahn prism
Fully-auto, long range shots


Cantic prism
Cantic (F1)
A fine-cut pavilion married to a shutter-governor allows for rapid-yet-economical fire.
lega prism
Lega (F2)
Releases an incendiary attack that damages over time
klamora prism
Klamora (F3)
Short-range, wide-angle energy release

Tier 1 – Raplak

The Raplak prism gives an assault like semi-automatic firing ability and gives proportionately greater damages to the enemies. It has a long shooting range, but the aiming should be correct for the best results.

Tier 2 – Shwaak

The shaawk prism is one of a kind prism. It is one of the few prisms which can go through multiple enemies. The damage is very high if the aim is precise. Each shot can kill an enemy. It is one of the most commonly used prisms used in the game.

Tier 3 - Granmu

The Granmu prism works like a grenade launched. The Granmu prism is the only prism that allows you to throw three grenades at the same time. Each grenade has a damage radius of around 3.5 meters. This prism can be used anywhere in the game, at any level in any battle.

Tier 4 - Rahn

The Rahn prism gives you a fully automatic assault firing rifle with a tremendous impact on the enemy. It is excellent for close-range battles due to its automatic firing. But the status chance is meager; it claims to be 0%but the original status chance is around -6%.

Tier 5 - Cantic

The Cantic prism gives you a three-shot fire. It gives you a semi-automatic rifle experience as it fires three continuous shots. The impact on the enemy is enormous. The Amp is beneficial in a long-range battle. The movement of the gun might disturb your aim, but if you have stable hand control, then you might hit the target with all the three bullets at once.

Tier 6 - Lega

The lega prism makes a flamethrower which throws a broad beam of void energy, which has a significant impact on the enemy. It is one of the best prisms for short-range battles because it has a poor performance in Long-range battles. The critical chance of the prism is meager.

Tier 7 - Klamora

Klamora also works as a flamethrower and gives a broad beam of energy, which is best for close battles. The beam is almost 3 meters wide and can attack till 13 meters in length. For the best impact, you must be close to the target while firing. It causes enormous damage.

Scaffolds Tier List

The scaffold is the second element that determines the alt-fire mode of the crafted weapon.


pencha scaffold
Charged beam, similar to Arca Plasmor
shraksun scaffold
Short-range flak grenade with punch through
klebrik scaffold
Continuous homing beam
phahd scaffold
Powerful shots bounce between targets


exard scaffold
Exard (F1)
Burst-fire grenade launcher
dissic scaffold
Dissic (F2)
Lob a powerful fragmentary explosive charge
propa scaffold
Propa (F3)
Throws out large proximity mine that is triggered by passing foes

Tier 1 – Pencha

The Pencha scaffold produces a void beam with significant impacts on the enemy. The refill time of the scaffold is 0.75 seconds, which is standard speed. It is not very useful while fighting against multiple enemies at the same time. The critical chance is below average. The blasts after full charging must be managed to avoid a whiff.

Tier 2 - Shraksun

The shraksun scaffold gives a single blast fire. The shot explodes after being triggered. The explosion affects an area of 8 meters. The damage takes place in two stages, first a 3000 piercing damage and then additional 4500 blast damage. If you hit the target with both damages, the target dies at once and for all. The critical chance is low.

Tier 3 - Klebrik

The Klebrik scaffold is one of the most potent scaffolds in the game; it gives a long and continuous beam of energy that goes through covers and kills the hidden enemies. The critical chance is excellent, and the status chance is also great. It is best for battles where the enemy keeps coming Out of their cover.

Tier 4 - Phahd

Phahd scaffold is very much like Klebrik scaffold as it also gives a continuous beam of energy that follows the enemy. It can attack four enemies at once. It can also kill enemies behind covers. The glaive of your weapon can even kill you if you do not pay attention to it.

Tier 5 – Exard

The Exard scaffold creates a heavy weapon, so shoots grenades, which explodes when it comes in contact with the enemy. The critical chance and status chance are more than average. It continues the fire until the amp runs out of power. It is only suitable for short-range battles.

Tier 6 – Dissic

It is the most robust scaffold that you can use while crafting your amp. It shoots an enormous grenade-like explosive, which then gets divided into multiple explosives, which give damage in an area of 12 meters. It might also cause damage to you. Runaway after firing it.

Tier 7 – Propa

It also releases many small grenades that explode after coming in contact with an enemy or any surface. The impact of this weapon is dangerous, and the radius is wide enough to hurt yourself. Get away from the enemies after firing the gun for your safety.

Braces Tier List

Braces affect almost every aspect of your Amp, so it must be chosen very carefully—it decides the critical chance of the Amp. The braces determine the recoil time, and it also decides the energy pool.


clapkra brace
+40 Amp Energy pool
juttni brace
-1 second Amp Recharge delay
lohrin brace
+12% Amp Critical & Status chance
anspatha brace
+20 Amp Energy Pool +15/s Energy Recharge Rate


suo brace
Suo (F1)
+100 Amp Energy Pool
+2s Amp Recharge Delay
plaga brace
Plaga (F2)
-20 Amp Energy Pool
-1.5s Amp Recharge Delay
certus brace
Certus (F3)
+20% Amp Critical chance

Tier 1 – Clapkra

The Clapkra brace is amazingly powerful and will add 40 energy points to your Amp. If you've already acquired the Madurai focus, then the total energy goes up to 196 points. It makes a great weapon when added with an assault firing gun.

Tier 2 – Juttni

The Juttni brace is one of the quickest recharging braces; it brings down the recharge time by almost 1 second and can also expend the energy pool, which allows you to fire continuously. It is best when combined with a flange throwing weapon due to its continuous firing capabilities.

Tier 3 – Lohrin

The Lohrin brace increases the critical chance and status chance by 12%, which makes it the best choice before getting to tier 7.

Tier 4 - Anspatha

The Anspatha brace will add a margin of 20% to the energy pool. The recharge rate also gets better with this brace send gets 45/s.

Tier 5 - Suo

Suo increases the energy pool but also increases the recharge delay, so it doesn't help much in intense battles. It increases the energy pool by 100% but also increases the recharge delay by 2 seconds, making it 4 seconds.

Tier 6 – Palga

The Plaga brace gives with one hand and takes with the other hand. It reduces the recharge time by 1.5 seconds but decreases the energy pool by 20%. If you've acquired the Madurai focus, then the energy pool will be compensated.

Tier 7 – Certus

The Certus brace is the most popular amongst gamers. It increases the critical chance by 20% and has enormous abilities to fight and kill enemies.
The two most preferred Amp combinations are the X23 and X27. Here X is an independent option for you to choose from the prisms. The scaffold from the second tier goes well with the brace from the third tier. The scaffold from the second tier also goes well with the brace from tier seven.

The best combination to fight against Eidolons.

Amps are primarily needed to kill the Eidolons, who are not vulnerable to other weapons. You can pick any prism from the seven prisms because the Shraksun scaffold will play the primary role here. The Shraksun scaffold is the best as it can pair with any prism and still manage to give excellent results. It allows you to fire multiple shots at once and provides significant damage for each shot. It gives you the ability to go through covers and kill enemies hidden behind shields. You will get the Scaffold brace from tier 2. 

The best brace to go with is the Certus brace, which you'll get from tier 7. Certus gives you an extra 20% critical chance, which makes the shraksun's explosions even more powerful. 

To fight the regular battles, you must go with the Shwaak prism and the Sharksun scaffold and Certus brace. These three combined will create a powerful weapon for you to fight any enemy.

Amp must suit your needs; hence it's a personal decision; you can choose from all the 343 combinations. Each combination will give you something new or will take something from you, so go ahead and make your choice from the wide variety of options.
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