Types of Mouse Grips

Updated: August 9, 2020

Types of Mouse Grips:

We rarely speak about the types of mouse grips, but it is a topic of great importance, different techniques have different pros and cons and come with varying levels of effort needed. Three mouse grip styles are most commonly used, which are palm grip, claw grip, and fingertip grip. There are no rules or guidelines to follow while choosing the mouse grip styles; it only depends on your comfort and ease. If your hands are comfortable in the current mouse grip style, then it is what is best for you. The mouse grip style also depends on the shape and size of your hand; hence for once, you should try all the three grips in search of the best.

Palm grip

It is the most commonly used mouse grip style all over the world. It is fantastically comfortable for most of us and asks for little or no effort. While using the palm grip, you have significant contact with the mouse; hence it is easy to use. 

The lower part of the palm rests on the rear part of the mouse, and all the fingers stay on the buttons, and the thumb rests on the plain. It becomes very comfortable when almost every part of our hand rests, and there is no fatigue. It gives you complete control over the mouse and allows you to take quick clicks and full movement. 

There is only one downside in this grip style, which is it's the inability to make small movements on the screen. The micro department is where it fails drastically. But even failing in the micro-movements, it is still the best mouse grip style out of all the methods. The elbows and shoulder play a significant role in aiming, whereas the wrist and fingers play a minimal role in aiming. It is best for the best gaming. 

Fingertip grip

This grip style uses a minimal contact of the hand with the mouse; only the fingertips are in connection with the mouse. The fingers rest on the buttons and make it easy to take quick clicks. It allows you to aim the target through your wrist and also through your fingers; hence this might come out to be the best mouse grip style if your long fingers. The control of fingers on the mouse allows you to make precise micro-movements. This grip style needs the least effort because the fingertips make it easy for you to target.  

The only setback of this grip style is that it provides very little stability in movements. But this becomes of very little importance when the fingers are flexible and long. This grip style can be the best of all if you have long and flexible fingers. 

The use of fingers makes the fingertip grip style very comfortable as there is little or no strain on the wrist, elbow, and shoulders. It provides a very loose grip and hence has very little chance of missing targets.

Claw grip

The claw grip is a combination of the palm grip and the fingertip grip. A small part of the palm is in contact with the rear part of the mouse, and fingertips rest on the buttons. The middle part of the plan is entirely out of touch with the mouse, creating a claw-like shape. It has the pros and cons of both the grip styles; hence it can also be said a hybrid. The claw-like position of your fingers allows quick clicks and better results. Claw grip gives your fingers functional space for movements; hence is excellent for gaming for a short period. 

Claw grip style keeps your fingers in tension; hence it is said to be highly tiring at times. You might feel a little pain in your fingers and joints if you use the claw grip for a considerable time. Try to relax your fingers now and then while using it for a long time. 

Hybrid grip

There is a chance that you might not find comfort in any of these grip styles; in this case, you should go for a hybrid of these grip styles. You can mix two or all three mouse grip styles to make one for yourself, which suits you and is comfortable for your hand and fingers. 

No grip style can claim to be the best for all; hence you must select the best for yourself and your needs. Select whatever feels the most natural to you. 

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