10 Most Expensive Gaming Chair in 2021

Updated: November 30, 2020
AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair
AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair
  • High-tensile aluminum base
  • Automotive grade PU leather
  • Adjustable in 4 directions
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    Aeron Chair from Herman Miller
    Aeron Chair from Herman Miller
  • Lumbar support
  • Fully Adjustable Arms
  • Seat Angle Adjustment
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    IWJ20 Imperator Works Computer Chair
    IWJ20 Imperator Works Computer Chair
  • Dual motors arms design
  • Manual control for Footrest
  • Built-in Low Voltage RGB Light Strips
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    Most expensive chair's for gaming 

    When it comes to spending money on your gaming setup, there are no boundaries. You can get a thing for $100, and you can get a different version of the same thing for $1000. The same goes for high-end gaming chairs. You can spend any amount of money on a chair if you want to. Some chairs cost more than a whole mid-range gaming setup.

    Well, that's one of the reasons that professional players do not get tired in a short time playing on the screen. The high-end gaming chairs come with ergonomics and comfortable seating arrangements for gamers. Gaming continuously for a very long time can hurt your backbone and can permanently damage your spine but now, if you have a high-end gaming chair to sit on while playing.

    Many new brands make chairs, especially for you, customized to the last detail for your body and tailored to fit your sitting posture and your body build-up. If you spend a fair amount of money, you can get everything you desire for your gaming chair. Here are few of the most expensive gaming chairs in the world.

    Checkout some of the most expensive gaming chair

    1. IWJ20 Imperator Works Computer Chair

    IWJ20 Imperator Works Computer Chair


    • Support three monitors (up to 3 x 27").
    • PU leather seat.
    • The station can tilt backward up to 180 degrees.
    • Monitor's height and distance is adjustable.
    • 12mm thick acrylic armrests.

    IWJ20 Imperator Works is the best gaming chair in the world for hardcore gamers. More than just a chair, it looks like a gaming station. It comes with an adjustable chair and screen hanger only in front of the chair.

    Everything with this chair is completely adjustable, from the screen holder to the leg support. It is the most comfortable chair, and with few newly added features, it becomes better for prolonged hours of gaming. The best thing about this chair is that it makes it easier to set the screen and not require ample space.

    For the best use of the chair, you can fit just three screens on the screen holder. The seat replicates a seat of a racing car. It is as comfortable as it gets. The shape of the chair is specifically designed to be comfortable and cozy. The seat can tilt up to 180° and can bear a weight of up to 400 pounds. The armrest of the chair is a 12mm acrylic armrest that can tilt according to your comfort.

    The durability of this chair is untouchable because it is made with high-carbon steel, which is covered by PU leather for a premium look and clean finish. For good movement, it has a movable keyboard tray that can be shifted to come in or go out of the chair set up. The most important feature of this chair is that it has an electric massager in the leg rest plates. It is by far the best chair for gaming.

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    2. Noblechairs Hero Gaming/Office Chair

    Noblechairs Hero Gaming/Office Chair


    • Gaming and Ofice chair perfection
    • Comfortable memory foam in headrest
    • Integrated Adjustable Lumbar Support
    • Adjustable 4D armrests, rocking mechanism and backrest
    • Two noblechairs pillows included

    Noblechairs Hero Gaming/Office Chair is one of the few gaming chairs specifically made with detailed suggestions given by professional eSports players. It is, by far, one of the best gaming chairs available in the market in terms of comfort and adjustability. Of course, it comes at a high price, but it also delivers worth every last penny spent on it.

    It is the best chair that can be used for office purposes and gaming alike. It is a trusted product for someone who sits a lot on his chair or plays games for prolonged hours. The chair is made with a combination of real leather and vegan leather. Massive components with as low as possible joints have been used to make this chair to avoid discomfort.

    To add to the comfort of the player, it has 55% density cold foam in the seat. The inner frame of the chair is completely made from high-quality steel for durability. A 0.059 inches PU vegan faux leather is used to make the seat for the chair, and to make it look premium, diamond-pattern stitching is done on the chair.

    It is not just an ordinary chair, but a vital product to keep your back happy and healthy. The chair is adjustable, the height can be adjusted accordingly, and the chair can tilt backward and in front. The 4D armrests can also be customized accordingly. All this comes for a hearty amount of money, it costs around $800, which is just too expensive for many of us, but it also gives the comfort that one demands.

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    3. GXDHOME E-Sport Gaming Chair

    GXDHOME E-Sport Gaming Chair


    • All steel frame structure material (back frame)
    • High density high grade PU leather
    • Mute anti-skid 360° universal PU wheel
    • Four-stage pneumatic rod + SGS testing certification
    • Spray electroplating explosion-proof tray

    With a good gaming chair, you increase your chances to win the games you play. The chair is made to fit your body like armor. The cushioning is equally distributed to give you more comfort. The material used to make this chair is high-quality, from the leather to the inner frame. It allows you to play games for longer hours compared to a standard gaming chair.

    The chair is made with supreme quality PU leather with the perfect design to complement your body while gaming. High-density foam is used to make the seat comfortable and healthy for your back. The material used is breathable and can pass the wet gases to avoid moisture in the cushioning.

    The chair has ergonomics to match the needs of your body. The backrest can tilt backward and forward. The design has a bionic curve, which helps you play games comfortably by releasing the pressure from your muscles. The armrest of the chair also can be adjusted to match the height of the keyboard tray. The adjustable armrests help you to relieve your shoulder from any fatigue.

    It can rotate freely and can also be locked at a particular angle to serve your purpose. The chair has a lever at the rear part to tilt the chair between 90° and 150° angle. The wheels are smooth and do not leave scratches. It can bear weight up to 400kg. This chair will cost you something around $850, but give your body the comfort it deserves.

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    4. Aeron Chair from Herman Miller

    Aeron Chair from Herman Miller


    • Tension control
    • Fully Adjustable Arms
    • Seat Angle Adjustment
    • Lumbar support

    This chair can fit in any setup, from a professional office setup to a fancy gaming setup. It is simple yet one of the most comfortable gaming chairs available in the market. It is for sure on the most expensive gaming chairs, but it also gives you everything your body craves while playing games for prolonged hours.

    This chair comes in a variety of colors and materials. The best and most famous material is graphite, which is dark and complements the other parts of the chair. Herman Miller has been in the business of gaming chairs for a very long time, and they have mastered the art. This very chair has been upgraded multiple times to match the evolving definitions of comfort.

    The chair has perfect ergonomics to match the build-up of your body. The high-quality material used to make this chair will keep your back and shoulders healthy and avoid any strain or fatigue. The graphite look of the frame matches with all kinds of environments and gives a fresh look. The seat is made with pellicle fabric, one of the most comfortable materials for gaming chairs.

    The armrest of the chair can be adjusted by the lever given just below the chair. The chair can be tilted to match your comfort. The height of the chair can also be adjusted by using the lever shown in the front of the chair. With all these features, it comes at a high price of around $2299, which is worth the quality of the chair.

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    5. Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime 2.0 Gaming Chair

    Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime 2.0 Gaming Chair


    • Integrated Adjustable Lumbar Support
    • Full-length Backrest Recline
    • Aluminium Base
    • Class 4 Hydraulics

    The titan series chair of Secretlab is the most expensive series of gaming chairs in the history of Secretlab. It comes with an amazingly comfortable seat with adjustable dynamics. It is a full-size chair with support for all your body parts.

    The ergonomics of this chair are perfect, with adjustable height angle and armrests. You can get a Titan Prime 2.0 chair for yourself according to your choice and match your gaming setup. For gaming, the best variant is the one with PU leather coating all over the chair.

    The seat is made with high-density cold foam, passing the wet gases to avoid moisture in the seat. The chair can match almost any appearance, from a formal office to a funky living room. The shape of the chair is made to fit your body so perfectly that you can move freely without slipping or shaking the chair.

    The height of the chair can be adjusted according to the high of the screen and the gamer. The chair can be tilted forward and backward as per your demand. The armrests of the chair can also be adjusted in height as and when needed.

    High-quality and durable PU leather is used in the chairs to give a premium look along with the comfort that it offers. The chair costs around $500 and also depends on your location but also delivers quality and comfort to match the price.

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    6. Noble chair epic gaming chair

    Noble chair epic gaming chair


    • Top Class PU Faux Leather Cover
    • 4D armrests and practical rocking function
    • Comes with two comfortable cushions
    • Durable hydraulic gas lift and aluminum base
    • Maximum 265 lbs load

    The noble chair is known for expensive high-end gaming chairs. Almost all the gaming chairs by the Noble Chair are masterpieces of art. This chair has been in the market since 2016 and gets upgrades in the designs now and then. Everything in this chair is top-notch.

    The inner frame of the chair is made with aluminum, and to cover the heavy-duty frame, high-quality leather is used. You can get different types of leather in other variants of this chair; you can get real leather, PU leather, and Nappa leather. All the variants provide the same quality and enough perforation for air circulation.

    The backrest of the chair molded in the shape of the body to give you the best possible experience while playing games. The backrest of the chair goes all the way up to your head to avoid any pain to your back and shoulders. The chair has a hydraulic gas lift, which allows you to adjust the height of the chair easily and quickly. For decoration, the chair has diamond-shaped stitches on the backrest.

    The chair has sufficient space for a 6' guy. This chair has the highest body of all chairs. The support in this chair is more than enough. It gives comfort that is equivalent to a seat of a racing car, with the support for your neck, back, and shoulder. To fit your needs, the armrests come with 4D technology, and the backrest can be tilted between 90° to 135°. It will cost you something around $390, which is worth it.

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    7. SIDIZ T50 AIR Marvel Spider-Man Edition

    SIDIZ T50 AIR Marvel Spider-Man Edition


    • Flexible and Durable like SPIDER-MAN'S Webs
    • Easily Costomizable
    • Spider-man’s mask on the headrest
    • Spider-man's emblem on the lumbar-support

    This chair is the most expensive chair when it comes to special edition chairs. This chair is made in association with Marvel's Spider-Man. The backrest is wholly printed with the spider pattern on the Spider-Man. It is the perfect example of excellent ergonomics. It is the best chair with a mesh backrest. The cushioning is made to give the best possible comfort to your body.

    This chair is one of the lightest in weight among all the gaming chairs because of the simplistic build-up and the mesh seat. The seat is made to look like a spider's web to complement the design. The seat is designed so that your legs do not stick to the frame of the chair; instead, they have a gap to give you the desired comfort.

    The chair has enough space to fit a 6'+ guy with comfort. The chair has a height to give rest to your neck, head, shoulders, and back. The armrests are made with soft material to avoid fatigue in your hands and elbows. The seat is curved to match the shape of our legs and upper body. It comes with five rotating wheels, which are scratch proof and smooth.

    The ergonomics of this chair are perfect; the armrest can be adjusted in 3 different ways. The backrest can be tilted backward and forward as and when needed. The height of the chair can be changed with the help of the lever present in the front part of the chair. The inner frame of the chair is made with aluminum for strength and durability. This chair will cost you much more than any other gaming chair because it is a limited edition chair.

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    8. DXRacer Racing Series Office/Gaming Chair

    DXRacer Racing Series Office/Gaming Chair


    • 3D Adjustable Armrest
    • 360° Swivel Caster
    • Headrest and Lumbar Cushion
    • High Density Mold Shaping Foam
    • Tilt Mechanism

    This chair has been designed to meet the modern aesthetics and comfort. As the name suggests, it is specially made for racing games, so that there is enough movement in the chair. Every component in this chair is top-notch with a premium look and long durability. It suits all the setups, either it is for your office work or your gaming setup in your living room.

    This chair is uniquely high for better support for your neck and a perfectly shaped headrest. The backrest will match the length of your spinal cord for the best possible help. The cushioning is designed specially to give extra comfort to people who suffer from back pain. It has additional lumbar support to help you with your pain and fatigue.

    The whole chair is made with PU leather and carbon-style vinyl. To keep the chair in shape, strong stitching has been done all over the backrest of the chair. All materials used in this chair are breathable so that the wet gases can pass through the material and avoid moisture in the cushioning.

    The shape and height of the chair are adjustable as and when needed. The 4D arrest can be moved up and down the front and back to suit your needs. The backrest can be tilted front and back, and the height of the chair can be adjusted according to the needs of the user.

    The seat frame comes with a lifetime warranty, and all other parts have a 2-year warranty. This chair can cost anything between $300 and $500, according to your choice of color and variant.

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    9. AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair

    AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair


    • Automotive grade PU leather
    • High density mould shaping foam
    • Metal with anti corrosive powder coating
    • High-tensile aluminum base
    • Adjustable in 4 directions

    This chair is made for people who need a larger space to fit in. It has more room as compared to other similar gaming chairs. It has a sturdy look and a solid frame. It is a simplistic chair, which makes it easy to clean. The chair is perfect for relaxing your back, neck, and shoulder, with all the adjustments in the chair.

    The ergonomics of this chair are made to meet the demand of your body and your gaming setup. It is available in different colors, making it an easy choice for gamers who love to match other components of their gaming setup. It has a 4D armrest, which can be adjusted front and back and up and down, whatever suits your needs.

    The backrest can be tilted front and back to give the comfort desired. To enhance the adjustability of the chair, it has an adjustable headrest and pillows for lumbar support. A hydraulic gas lift adjusts the height of the chair for more comfortable and quick movements. It comes with a set of 5 scratch-proof wheels, which are smooth and make no noise while moving.

    It has excellent thigh support for a comfortable sitting posture. It can easily fit someone with a height above 6'. The backrest is made to fit your back as if a piece of clothing. This costs as much as $500, but it is worth the quality.

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    10. Vertagear S-Line 2000 Gaming Chair

    Vertagear S-Line 2000 Gaming Chair


    • Memory foam headrest pillow
    • Ajustable resistance and locking system
    • Reconstructed with heavy-duty alloy material
    • Long term durability

    Last but not least, Vertagear S-Line 2000 is one of the most popular high-end gaming chairs in the market because of its high-tech features. It comes in three different variants, which come at different prices. It has a comparatively better shape and size to complement your body buildup.

    It is completely adjustable in height and angle. The 4D armrests come with adjustability in size and positions. The armrests can be shifted down, up, front and back as per your wish. This chair is made while keeping in mind the common gaming postures of professional gamers worldwide. It is specifically popular in Europe and America.

    The inner frame of the chair is reliable and comes with comparatively more extended durability. The seat is coated with high-quality PVC leather, which gives a comfortable feel while gaming. The backrest in this chair is broader and taller to support your body to the fullest.

    Someone with a height of 6'4 can easily fit in this chair without any compromise. The looks of this chair will suit a formal office and a living room equally. The ergonomics of this chair allows you to adjust the height of the chair, size and position of armrests, and the angle of the backrest.

    The rotating wheels in this chair are entirely scratch-proof and very smooth. The chair moves quickly and without making any irritating noise. This chair will cost you anything between $280 to $300, depending upon the variant and your location

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    As we are talking about the most expensive gaming chair, you can't complain about the prices. All the chairs on the list come with top-class features. Nothing is missing from the chairs on this list; now, it is up to you to decide which gaming chair will suit your needs the best.

    Most of the chairs in this list are made in a limited number to control the product; hence buy the one you like as soon as possible. Decide which gaming chair suits your needs and comes within your budget. Be smart and choose smartly.

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