God Eater Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Updated: September 12, 2020

The moment that the fans have waited for 7 long years is finally here. We finally have some information regarding God Eater Season 2. Reminding you, God Eater is one of the best anime series that have been adapted from a video game. It has massive popularity among anime fans. However, after the massive success of the first season, there was nothing from the developers regarding when the second season will come.


What originated as a video game developed by Shift and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, God Eater, gained immense fame. God Eater was first launched for the Sony PlayStation platform in 2010. The game got adapted into an anime series by Ufotable Studio. The game has had six editions that have released till now. The fans have anticipated the release of the second season for a while now. Speculations point towards the fact that God Eater Season 2 may be fantastic and will leave fans awestruck.

The franchise has now completed ten years with its first video game releasing in 2010. God Eater Season 2 will soon build upon what was not shown in season 1.

Release Date of God Eater Season 2

Even after being called out by the fans several times, the creators haven’t released any official dates of release of God Eater season 2. However, it is being said that season 2 may release in mid-2020. It all depends on how quickly the animations are done and what cycle of development is currently going on. If you really want this game you can sign a petition on change.org about the release of god eater season 2.

There has been no official information regarding the release date as the fans have waited for several years now. We cannot strike off the possibility that God Eater Season 2 may release in 2021, too. It was speculated earlier years ago that it might release in late 2018, but that proved to be wrong.

Some negative reports suggest that God Eater Season 2 may not release at all. It is said that the creators want to focus more on the game. It is also being told that God Eater season 1 was just created just to boost the sales of the video game. The fans should nevertheless not get disheartened and still expect Season 2 to release.

The creators should have made official announcements regarding God Eater Season 2, which would have at least kept the fans silent for some time. However, their ignorance regarding the topic has sent mixed signals. But the creators may decide to release God Eater Season 2 on its 10th anniversary.

What will happen in God Eater Season 2?

The series has shown that the extinction of humans is close due to man-eating monsters called Aragami. They are behind the human race and want to finish it. Those creatures are almost invincibles and cannot be killed through traditional warfare weapons. God Eater monsters may be immune to damage and cannot inflict it. However, an organization called Fenrir may now emerge to save human life. The members of this organization are God Eaters because they are the once who will kill Aragami.

God Eater Season 2

Lenka Utsugi may be the new lead character in God Eater Season 2. This has already got the fans buzzing about it. Lindow may lose his arm to Aragami, which will be heartbreaking to see. Shio is expected to run, too, and will have a significant role to play. These rumours and speculations make God Eater Season 2 much more exciting, and to wait for its release is a tough task.

God Eater Cast

God Eater season 1 had a comprehensive cast that had several personalities. The main cast of the series God Eater is:

  1. Tomohisa Asô             - Daigo Oguruma
  2. Robbie Daymond - Lenka Utsugi
  3. Crispin Freeman - Soma Schicksal
  4. Takahiro Fujimoto - Eric der Vogelweid
  5. Rica Fukami                  - Aisha Gauche

The full cast of the anime series can be found at (IMDB)

We all hope and wait that God Eater Season 2 released right in 2020 and we get to enjoy the second instalment of the much loved series, that has fans across the globe.

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