Creating a Pet-Friendly PC Gaming Setup

Updated: March 8, 2021

 Credit: Nt.Gravity under Creative Common License

It’s no secret that the world loves pets — and we’re not just saying this because of all the cute animal videos on social media. A study by the American Pet Products Association found that nearly 70% of American households own at least one pet, as these animals are often the key to lifting their spirits. Things are not very different across the pond too. According to Gala Bingo’s pet survey, 82% of Brits revealed that pets cheer them up after a gloomy day. The crowd favorite, of course, are dogs, who've earned their title of man's best friend. The case is the same everywhere else, but cats, too, are popular across the globe.

However, as much as we love to be around pets and vice versa, your PC space is not exactly the best place for them to be in. From fur possibly getting in your fans to the risk of getting your wires being chewed, there are plenty of reasons to have your pets stay away.

Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate most of the consequences. Here are some of them:

Get some filters (and clean them)

There’s no getting around flying fur; that much is true, especially for cat owners. Felines lose hair often, and the follicles are so thin that they can easily enter your PC’s fans and damage its cooling system. A lot of PC cases don’t have filters, so make sure that yours have them. Plus, they’re easy to remove and clean. Do this at least once a week to prevent the fur from accumulating.

Manage your cables

The last thing you want to do is keep your cables lying around, especially if you have young dogs at home. Puppies tend to teeth in their first year, so they can’t help but chew on items to ease the discomfort. And even when they’re older, they might still end up tangling themselves into your wires.

Keep your cables tied together; as this makes it difficult for pets to play with them. You can also tape them against the wall or hide them behind your desk. Some gaming desks like the Battlestation even have cable management trays that may come in handy.

VIDEO: For teething puppies, give them something else to chew on as well.

Create a pet space

It may be cute to see your cat get its fur all over your keyboard or see your dog scratch at the side of your desk, but neither is good for your PC setup. Provide all the distractions they need in one space, like a tall cat tree or a bed with several dog toys.

When they still approach you, guide them back to “their side of the room” and reward them. This will reinforce the notion that it’s good behavior to stay away from your PC setup. Of course, don’t forget to play with them every once in a while, so they don’t end up lonely.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your pets around during a crazy gaming session. They might even help lift your mood when you need a break. Just make sure that you’ve pet-proofed all your PC equipment.

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