Best Motherboard For i7 9700k

Updated: January 3, 2021
  • Extended Heatsink Design
  • Audio Boost 4 with Nahimic 3
  • Twin Turbo M.2
  • Check Price On Amazon
    ASRock Motherboard Z370 
    MSI MPG Z390 Motherboard
  • 4 x DDR4 DIMM Slots
  • Supports HDMI with max
  • Supports 8th gen. Intel Core processors
  • Check Price On Amazon
    Asus ROG Strix Z390-I
    Asus ROG Strix Z390-I Motherboard
  • DIY Friendly Design
  • Pre-mounted I/O shield
  • 5-Way Optimization
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    A look at i7-9700k:

    When it comes to the high-end, powerful and yet the fastest desktop processors, Intel has cracked the market with its latest version of the microprocessors. One of the recent members in the family is i7-9700k which was launched in the month of October in the year 2018. It is unlocked core i7 CPU for desktops. Let us have a quick check at the specifications of this supreme piece of marvel of technology in order to search the best motherboard for 17-9700k.
    • It is built with Solder Thermal Interface (STI) material for maximum heat transfer from the processor to the cooler while working at full load
    • It is an unlocked and over lockable CPU
    • It is based on Coffee Lake architecture with 1151 sockets
    • It has process time of 14nm++
    • It works on Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 with the frequency of 4.9 GHz
    • Its base clock speed is 3.6 GHz
    • It has 8 cores and same number of threads
    • It is powered with Intel Smart Cache memory of 12MB
    • It has a Thermal Design Point (TDP) of 95W
    • It has PCI Express Lanes up to 40
    • It has Two Channels DDR4-(2666)2 Memory Support
    • It has 300 series chipset including Z390.
    As claimed by the Intel, i7-9700k actually refuses to compromise as it is a single package deal for ultimate performance while multi-tasking the powerful chores like gaming, editing or recording videos and for live streaming simultaneously. Giving new dimensions to the load capacity of the desktop CPU’s it is best for the over-workers and gamers while maintaining the temperatures. As a successor to Intel core i7-8700k, it has 2 more cores which benefits equivalent to the multi threading technology only.

    Best motherboard for i7 9700k:

    Going by the technical advancement, the search for the best motherboard for i7-9700k must have a 300 series chipset and LGA 1151 as a CPU socket. Being an extremely versatile product, i7-9700k works well with any one of the 300 series chipset motherboards but you may not just randomly choose the motherboard. It is not just compatibility but the motherboard with i7-9700k should empower the exceptionally high results of the system with the best in class and high in performance desktop which never lets you down when it comes to multi-tasking, vivid gaming, and high heat dissipation properties to prevent overheating of the systems. If you have decided to let i7-9700k, take the command for your day to day computing needs, there is certain and immediate requirement of the best motherboards available in the market that are compatible with it. A blazing product needs a superhero motherboard to unleash its full potential.
    Since there is a lot of hush in the market about the quality and reliability of the motherboards, there is a requirement of nothing less than a high-quality motherboard that supports the advanced features of i7-9700k and brings the best out of it. Promising hassle-free high returns on your investment; let us help you to choose the best quality motherboard from the latest motherboards available in the market.

    The best motherboards for your i7-9700k may be any one of the below.

    • ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Motherboard
    • MSI MPG Z390 Motherboard
    • ASUS ROG Strix Z370-G Motherboard
    • MSI MEG Z390 Motherboard
    • ASRock Motherboard
    • GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Motherboard

    Let us have a detailed look at the reviews of the above-mentioned motherboards. Select the best one for you according to our review.

    1. Asus ROG Strix Z390-I Motherboard 

    Asus ROG Strix Z390-I Motherboard

    Technical specifications:

    • Available memory slots: 2
    • RAM memory technology: DDR4
    • Item weight: 2.70 lbs
    • Item dimensions: 8.90*6.70*6.70 inches
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    Structure: Asus ROG Strix Z390-I motherboard is developed for Intel 8th generation and 9th generation core processors to give new heights in speed and connectivity. It has Opti-MEM 11 for improved DRAM overclocking stability. The Fan Xpert 4/UEFI BIOS provides dynamic system cooling and revamped 5-way optimization overclocks using the thermal telemetry and smart prediction. The ROG’s strict adherence to details and quality is backed by the pre-installed I/O shield that ensures streamlined installation.
                                       The Safe Slots, ESD Guards are the strength of the Gamers’ Guardian that provides longevity to the system. It has an M.2 double Decker heat sink which not only covers the main M.2 slot but provides cooling for both M.2 and PCH simultaneously. It works well with the Windows operating system of 64 bit and provides a resolution of 4096*2160 at 60Hz using HDMI 2.0. The hardware of the motherboard has exclusive components that are best in their purpose. Let us have a look at its features.

    Features: It is the best motherboard for the next-level gaming experience together with i7-9700k. The pre-mounted input-output shield by ROG makes it super easy to install the motherboard. It is finished using a sleek matte black color which gives due attention to style statement along with technology. The Safe Slot for graphics card ensures full strength to PCIe device retention. The Q-DIMM Clips allow highly secure and at the same time highly easy handling of the memory modules. If this is not enough the self-sufficiency is multiplied by the MemOK 2 that automatically fixes any failures due to overclocking and instability in the boot process.
                                             In addition to the graphics, the S1220A codec usage of SupremeFX leaves the user with a flat frequency response for a neutral, detailed sound signature. To back this facility, the front input-output panel is run by the dual op amps which provide sound with full scale and authority for next-level virtual world experience for the long time gamers. The dual op amps also ensure that the detailed sound signature is preserved perfectly. The Fan Xpert 4/UEFI BIOS ensures one of the best and most innovative cooling features to the device. It has 2 dedicated PWM/DC, one for self-contained water-cooling setups and second for the fans for CPU coolers. This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive yet built-in cooling feature of the ROG Strix Z390 series.

                                            The overclocking feature of the AI suite series’ 5-way optimization is revamped for the Z390 platform. It has a fully rebuilt back end that provides high-end intelligence to overclock a CPU and this all based on thermal telemetry and smart prediction. The new feature of 5-way optimization ensures quick delivery of results that were earlier a matter of days as its manual tuning was the only solution for the same. In addition to all of these features, the ROG Strix series of motherboards come with full RGB lighting control and takes care of the RGB LEDs and the strips that are connected to the onboard RGB header with a variety of functional presets. The versatility of the ASUS product is best defined with the synchronization of the product with Aura-capable ASUS hardware.

    • It has large finned heat sinks to improve thermal release.
    • It had ROG armored plating.
    • It has game first packet priority control with Intel LAN and 802.11AC WIFI backed with MU-MIMO.
    • It's sync feature enhances the functionality by backing its versatility.
    • Device faces compatibility issues with AURA RGB software.
    • The M.2 backed cooling runs of the warmer side only.
    • The “on by default” enhanced turbo feature does not reflect any warnings.
    • It is not easy to access the front panel headers of the motherboard.

    2. MSI MPG Z390 Motherboard

    MSI MPG Z390 Motherboard

    Technical specifications:

    • Memory slots: 4
    • RAM memory technology: DDR4
    • Item weight: 3.30 lbs
    • Item dimensions: 12.00*9.60*1.20 inches
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    Structure: MSI MPG Z390 motherboards are compatible with 5th generation, 8th generation, 7th generation, and 9th generation Intel Celeron/ Pentium Gold and Core processors. It has a 3-pin corsair LED connector, 3-pin rainbow LED connector, and 2*4 pin RGB LED connector and mystic light RGB over glow and under glow. In addition to this, it has dual power connectors, a dedicated AIO pump header with multiple fan headers, and an optimized CPU power layout with core boost technology. The 4*DIMM slots of MSI MPG Z390 with DDR4 boost are powered with isolated circuits and steel armor. It has 3* USB 3.1 generation 2 front panel connectors.
                                      It has Audio Boost 4 and Nahimic 3 support and the 3 PCIe 3.0 is again steel armored. The preinstalled input/output shield provides lightning-fast connectivity. The mystic light has 16.8 million colors with 29 effects. It works well with the Windows operating system of 64 bit and has ATX form factor ready for multi-GPU which is a built-in feature to empower high-performance gaming. The hardware of the MSI MPG Z390 is unarguably briefed as high in performance with style. The much-needed hardware attention is given to the components like pin-header is kept out zone, SATA and USB locations are kept user friendly and in addition to all of this, multiple cooling solutions are deployed by the motherboard.

    Features: The dedicated amplifiers, best in class quality golden audio jacks, audio circuitry, ALC1220 audio processor, and audio capacitors delivers optimized gaming audio with immersive sound. The RGB lighting with 16.8 million colors and more than 15+ effects lets the personalization of the system using the Mystic light app or mobile device. MSI MPG Z390 has powerful audio and visual features that are powered by the high-end technical advancements.
                                     The thermal throttling is prevented using the extension of the M.2 Shield Frozr hint sink of the motherboard over the M.2 SSD to provide a consistent drive performance as the speed of fast SSD’s are worst affected when their temperature rises. Thus, MSI successfully solves one of the most prominent problems of the systems that is heat dissipation which has a direct impact on the performance and speed of the user. The motherboard has versatility for computer uses as it comes with a USB 3.1 Gen controller with gaming pro carbon AC that supports the type C version of it.Although, the manufacturer provides all of the required things in the package, along with a detailed yet simple manual the assembly is comparatively easier and safer using the pre-installed input-output shielding feature of the product. There is full protection from the possible electrostatic discharge damages from the surroundings of the device as the pre-installed rear input-output slot houses the input-output ports and provides them security.

                                    Going by the customer-eccentric approach, the manufacturer, MSI keeps an open ear to the feedbacks and the user of the product has a chance to win prizes and to become an MSI dragon fan. The core boost feature of the motherboard practically sets the core power free. This motherboard can be installed easily using the pre-installed input-output shielding. The user has the in-built facility to go with any of the gaming modules owning to the compatibility of the MSI MPG Z390 motherboard.

    • Unique mystic light sync feature.
    • Blazing connectivity speed with automated setup.
    • It delivers consistent speed for longer duration.
    • All of the features are perfectly collaborated to work simultaneously.
    • It has smooth fan speeds and smooth sound levels.
    • Absence of POST code display.
    • There is mismatch of space slots with graphics cooling slots.
    • There is limited use of SATA ports as drives are used in M.2 slots.
    • It is costlier as compared to the features of the product.

    3.  ASUS ROG Strix Z370-G Motherboard

    ASUS ROG Strix Z370-G Motherboard

    Technical specifications:

    • Memory slots: 4
    • RAM memory technology: DDR4
    • Item weight: 2.50lbs
    • Item dimensions: 12.01*1.00*8.58 inches
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    Structure: Asus ROG Strix Z370-G motherboard is developed for Intel core processors to give new heights in speed and connectivity. It has dual M.2, 802.11AC Wi-Fi, Gigabit LAN, USB 3.1, and is compatible with the Intel Optane memory feature. It has a micro ATX form factor. The safe slots of the motherboard are manufactured using the injection molding process in which the metal frame is integrated. It provides strength and firmness to the PCIe slot which can be used with the heavyweight GPUs as well. 5-way optimization with auto-tuning and feature of FanXpert 4 takes the charge to cut the overclocking and hence the heating of the system and maintains the efficiency in performance.
                                   The operating system of the Asus ROG Strix Z370-G motherboard is Windows 10 for 64 bit. It has the latest in industry, 8 channel HD audio with dual headphone amplifiers for the high-end gaming experience. In addition to this, the ROG made Supreme FX S1220A CODEC is powered by the Japanese capacitors for consistent efficiency for longer durations. There is an extra option for applying the thermal interface to the CPU and the heat sink of the system so that higher levels of temperature control are achieved. Another feature is the ASUS family Aura Sync RGB Lighting with an enormous number of colors. Needless to say, it is compatible with all of the Aura products and relays a great color show.

    Features: It is a fully customizable and personalized motherboard with all of the latest hardware that gives it unique features above all of the products. The 3D printing mounts, AURA Sync RGB lighting, and 5-way optimization give a new horizon to the personalization of the motherboard. The art in class speed and connectivity is realized with dual M.2, Gigabit LAN, and onboard 802.11 AC Wi-Fi and 2nd generation USB 3.1. The dual PCIe 3.0*4 M.2 slots further take the charge for boosting the performance and incredible data transfer speeds while RAID configuration is created with a maximum of 3 PCIe*3.0 storage devices with two M.2 slots and a PCIe *16 slots.
    The ROG engineering of the Asus ROG Strix Z370-G motherboard together with the aesthetics designed by the sharpest blades and premium colorways provides a unique experience to the user. It will not be wrong to say that this motherboard scores high in both audio and video capability which is a must for the excellent gaming experience. One-click optimization, automated tuning utility and whisper free fans ensuring optimal air-flow during intensive load tasks are the born features of this motherboard.
                                   Users have the option to let Fan Xpert 4 or ASUS’s media acclaimed UEFI work to achieve the total yet simple control over the fans and the water pumps of the motherboard. This is one of the most appreciated features of the ROG Strix Z370-G motherboard. The components of the motherboard are technically advanced with rarest cases of the average performance and outshine the competition with a basic yet highly efficient team of technical miracles. The optimal cooling by assigning the control of three thermal sensors to each header is one such example. The improved stability and overclocking facility ensure that this motherboard has a long way to go. Both of these features add to the best and fastest gaming experience.

    • User friendly motherboard.
    • A perfect product for long time gamers .
    • Versatile ASUS product with fully customization and personalization options.
    • Superior OC’s as compared to other products of ASUS.
    • On board fan support is excellent.
    • The speed of on board Wi-Fi is not good.
    • There is problem in installing official BIOS, LAN drivers.
    • There are no flashes for the BIOS updates.
    • High power usage.

    4.  MSI MEG Z390 Motherboard

    MSI MEG Z390 Motherboard

    Technical specifications:

    • Memory slots: 4
    • RAM memory technology: DDR4
    • Item weight: 4.30 lbs
    • Item dimensions: 12.00*10.70*1.20 inches
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    Structure: MSI MEG Z390 motherboards are compatible with the 5th generation, 8th generation, 7th generation, and 9th generation of the Intel Celeron/ Pentium Gold and Core processors. It has a capacity of 4600 (OC) MHz dual-channel DDR4 memory. It has Killer Wireless-AC 1550 Wi-Fi, 2nd generation dual front USB, and 3.1 Turbo U.2, 3*Turbo M.2 with M.2 Shield Frozr, Killer E2500 LAN. The mystic light feature enables more than 16+million colors and provides colorful lighting and the infinity mirror gives endless light effects.
    The Killer xTend wireless extender enables the motherboard to be used like a wired and wireless network extension bridge. The EMI shielded dual HD audio processors with a built-in world in class amplifiers along with WIMA capacitors, Nichicon gold capacitors, ESS AUDIO DAC with dedicated ESS Amplifier, 6.3mm headphone jack of the motherboard has 384Hz/32 bit audio output. The hardware ensures unlimited performance to the user and unrestricted power to the system. Be it the memory, storage, or the USB’s, MSI MEG Z390 motherboard never lets you down in searching the best for you. It is a perfect gaming partner with unique exhilarating and inspiring components to match the versatility in the tastes of the user.

    Features: The dashboard of the MSI MEG Z390 motherboard is dynamic and powerful. It can read debug codes, view a hardware monitor, and find other useful information while all this is displayed by the built-in OLED display of the motherboard. In addition to this, there is a unique feature of customization of the display using GIF animations. It has a powerful audio output with Xtreme Audio DAC and Nahimic 3. The Triple Turbo M.2 provides improved PCIe Gen3*4 performance with enhanced data transfer speeds up to 32GB/s. This is the unique and most prominent feature of the MSI MEG Z390 motherboard.
                                The pre-installed input-output shielding gives the motherboard, its user-friendly experience. It has the feature of CMOS clear and FlashBack clear. The data clearing is as easy as on the click of a single button. The M.2 Shield Frozr extends the heat sink of the motherboard over the M.2 SSD’s to prevent thermal throttling and thus maximizes the performance of the system. In addition to this, the heat sink also has an RGB LED. The other unique extensions like an external antenna for LAN/Bluetooth, PCIe M2 expansion slot, and PCIe HDMI capture card realizes the real meaning of versatility and customization.
                                 It is a well-built and feature-rich motherboard that gives you the real value for money. There is the availability of almost every type of most probable connector needed in modern computing. The manuals and the MSI are easy to understand and there is no difficulty in using your motherboard even if you are doing so the very first time. The speed along with stability is the inherent feature of the high-end components of the motherboard. Overall, MSI is a leading player in the manufacturing of the motherboards and can be trusted over the new bees in the market.

    • M.2 lanes of the motherboard are connected through chipset.
    • Two audio CODECS can play different audios and also utilize integrated DAC.
    • Large LCD display, RGB LED support and infinity mirror are unique features of this product.
    • Killer product allows operation of NIC’s as switches and provide other devices with internet/network connectivity.
    • No Intel iGPU VRM or any iGPU outputs on the motherboard.
    • It is relatively costlier than other motherboards of the family.
    • Motherboard contains large number of useless connections.
    • Less impressive performance while actually gaming with high load games.
    • There is sound absence of 10gbps Ethernet.

    5. ASRock Motherboard Z370 EXTREME4

    ASRock Motherboard Z370 EXTREME4

    Technical specifications:

    • Memory slots: 4
    • RAM memory technology: DDR4
    • Item weight: 3.31 lbs
    • Item dimensions: 12.20*13.70*3.60 inches
    Check Price On Amazon

    Structure: It supports Intel 8th generation core processors. It supports DDR 4 4333+ (OC) and has 12 power phases and digital PWM. It is compatible with Intel Optane's memory. It has 3 PCIe 3.0*16, 3PCIe 3.0*1 and 1 M.2. It has graphic output options of D-Sub, HDMI, DVI-D. It comes with ASRock RGB LED and Intel Gigabit LAN. It has 2nd generation USB 3.1 Type-A and USB 3.1 Type-C ports. The motherboard is made up of ASRock steel slots.
    There is a facility of ASRock app shop and live updates. The maximum resolution of supported HDMI is up to 4096*2160, 30Hz. The maximum resolution of supported D-Sub is up to 1920*1200, 60Hz. The maximum resolution of supported DVI-D is up to 1920*1200, 60Hz. It supports auto lip-sync, 12Bpc deep color, xvYCC, and high bit rate audio with HDMI port. There is a requirement of an additional HDMI monitor for the above features. In addition to this, DVI-D and HDMI ports also support 4k Ultra HD playback.

    Features: ASRock provides full spike protection to all audio, LAN, and USB ports. The chokes of the motherboard are best in class, high performing. The dual-stack MOSFET and Combo Caps bear higher overclocks with full stability and reliability. It provides high bandwidth add on controllers at average prices as contrary to the other motherboards available in the market which charges high even for the redundant components. The RGB is connected through a single lighting cable.
                              ASRock has finally cracked the shortcomings in the existing motherboards by using the limited chipset capabilities to its maximum extent. It supports two M.2 and one slot-mounted NVMe drive, both at the same time without causing the decrease in lanes of the motherboard. It uses the VRM heat sinks, high-end boards. The stylish black panel and audio section of the motherboard contains RGB and LED features as well. The control is made simpler using the ASRock LED software as all of the RGB LEDs, RGB header can be controlled by the same. The robust yet high performing components add to the pleasurable virtual reality experience for the user.
                                        ASRock provides the best mid-range motherboard. The memory signals of the Hyper DDR 4 are stable, compatible, and thus high in performance. This is due to the optimized trade design and ideal isolation of the circuitry of the DDR 4. It will not be wrong to say that the ASRock motherboard provides the most purified sound with ultra-high definition. The advanced PCIe steel slots ensure the easy installation of the heavy graphics card. It supports Intel Optane memory and storage technology which provides ease in doing basic computing operations. The speeds are maintained at the fastest by using the dual USB 3.1 generation 2 ports. All this credit goes to the “multiple ins” architecture which achieves the data transfer rates of more than 10 Gbps. Another important feature is that this motherboard can support up to 3 monitors.

    • Reasonable price as relative to the features.
    • Exceptionally good performance with the best components of the motherboard.
    • Excellent over clocking abilities with exceptional performance.
    • SLI HB Bridge is available as freely bundled in the motherboard .
    • Motherboard operates using second place over clocking .
    • There is no facility of error code read.
    • Many users observe the BIOS configuration problems.
    • All of the VCore VRMs are not cooled by the heat sinks.
    • It is not easily available in market.

    6. GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Motherboard

    GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Motherboard

    Technical specifications:

    • Memory slots: 4
    • Maximum RAM memory: 64GB
    • RAM memory technology: DDR4
    • Item weight: 4.15 lbs
    • Item dimensions: 13.18*10.62*3.14 inches
    Check Price On Amazon

    Structure: It supports 8th generation Intel core processors. It has a digital power design with ESS Sabre DAC Audio. It comes with dual-channel DDR4 and the front USB of the motherboard is type-C USB 3.1. It has triple M.2 with full thermal guards. It uses Smart Fan 5 for the dissipation of heat and RGB fusion lighting. The armor of the motherboard is robust and ultra-durable. It features multi-way graphics support.

    Features: The digital CPU power design used in the AORUS Z370 motherboard is the key behind the précised power delivery to all of the components of the motherboards on the basis of their consumption. It takes into account the energy sensitivity and power requirements of all of the components. The motherboard is somehow converted into a high-end sound system with the incorporation of ESS Sabre DAC Audio. The powerful audio thus delivered is in its most purified form. The triple PCIe Gen 3*4 M.2 allows the users to actually realize the maximum potential of the system. A technical addition to this is the use of M.2 thermal guards which prevents the system from heating up and dissipates the heat well advance in time.
                          This motherboard is fully compatible with DDR4 XMP profiles up to 4133 MHz and beyond. The performance of the system is enhanced using the tuning features like Turbo B-Clock. The dual-channel memory architecture of the RAM of the motherboard helps in increasing the speed and performance of the system. In addition to this, there are support to the ECC un-buffered and non-ECC un-buffered DIMM memory modules as well. The high-end gaming experience of Gigabyte Z370 AORUS motherboard is backed by the double PCIe 3.0*16 slots that support all graphic cards.
                              This is the best budget motherboard for the high-end gaming experience. It has Killer E2500 Gaming Network and Intel-powered Gigabit LAN. It also has RGN Fusion which enables multi-zone LED light show designs in the system. The latest and most efficient components are used for maintaining the cooling of the system and keeping the device under prescribed temperature limits. The fins array heat sink and advanced direct touch heat pipe are some of the latest technologies used in the device. Thus, it is a supercharged motherboard that thrives to deliver the best quality with stability. There is the availability of a large number of patterns of digital LED’s that are backed by RGB Fusion. It results in a shining system with multi-light zones for memory, CPU, Audio, PCI express, and Armor, etc.

    • It is most versatile and fastest motherboard for gaming.
    • The Smart Fan 5 operates the 9 temperature sensors and 8 hybrid fan headers.
    • 3PCIe M.2 enabled RAID and 6 additional SATA ports provides superior connectivity.
    • Nichicon and WIMA capacitors ensures best audio experience.
    • There is mismatch of SATA cables and SATA ports.
    • MOSFET or VRM design of the motherboard is not impressive.
    • Input output shield is not attached to the board.

    Buying guide:

    While exploring the latest and best motherboards for i7-9700k, the only buying guide is the basic necessity of the user. Some motherboards are best in delivering high-quality audio and video outputs while some have the best cooling properties to ensure a longer duration of high load features of the system. Ideally, you can choose the best motherboard for i7-9700k on the basis of its structure i.e. hardware and key features. The pros and cons of each motherboard reviewed above will be helpful to you to understand the neatly explained technical terms and their features to the motherboard utility. Versatility and customization can be the center points of decision apart from the technical specifications. Most of the motherboards lie in the same budget range and quality must take the charge instead of the money while choosing the best compatible motherboard for your use.


    A detailed review of the best 6 motherboards for the i7-9700k is based on technical specifications, structure, features, pros, and cons of each product. The key players in the motherboard manufacturing are Asus, ASRock, MSI, and Gigabyte. The user can go with any of the above-cited motherboards.
    Asus Rog Strix Z390-I and Z370-G have string structure, inbuilt support for the multiple ASUS products, and next-level heat dissipation features. All these make them an ideal choice for long-time gamers. The ASUS motherboards are easy to install and there is no need for specific technical expertise to install the system. The OC socket of the motherboards provides more precise monitoring of the CPU while producing a stable overclock.
    ASRock motherboard is reviewed to have XFast 555 technology for faster executions as it uses XFast RAM, XFast LAN, and XFast USBs. The dehumidifiers for preventing the damages due to dampness, OMG technology for controlling the internet access of every single system, MAGIX multimedia suite for ultimate media experience, 3TB+ un-locker which provides the efficient usage of hidden storage space on 3TB and larger HDD’s, iPhone app charger driver which provides 40% increased charging, and superfast USB 3.0 are some of the best features of ASRock motherboard.
    MSI MPG Z390 and MEG Z390 support all of the latest storage standards, have stable functionality and high-quality assembly of the components, MSI Audio and LAN feature empowers the listening and network connection, and reliable components are a key attraction for MSI made motherboards.
    While it is difficult to crown a single motherboard as a clear winner, it is easy to choose your best motherboard for the i7-9700k processor based on technical, features, pros, and cons from the available options in the market.

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