Best Monitors with Built in Speakers- Top 10

Updated: July 15, 2020
Dell S2419H S Series Monitor 24"
Dell S2419H S Series Monitor 24
  • Flicker-free screen
  • HDMI and VGA ports
  • 100% of RGB coverage
  • Check Price On Amazon
    BenQ EL2870U
    BenQ EL2870U
  • Response time of just 1 second
  • Very Thin bezel
  • Color depth of 10 bit
  • Check Price On Amazon
    Samsung C27F591
    Samsung C27F591
  • 119% coverage of RGB
  • Full HD with 1800R curvature
  • 5-watt built-in speaker
  • Check Price On Amazon
    With the increasing prices of almost all electronic gadgets, all of us want to save every penny that is possible. Some products burn all your cash stack, and there are products which save you a lot of money; one such trending product is a monitor with built-in speakers. Speakers are almost a necessity for anyone who owns a computer; from playing games or listening to a podcast, you'll need a good quality speaker.

    Monitor with built-in speakers is one of the most valued products you can buy today; it saves you the money which you would have spent on a separate speaker, and it will also give you spare space on your computer table. The built-in speakers provide excellent sound surround quality. It is tough to choose when it comes to buying those expensive speakers; you will always have to go for cheap options because both monitors and speakers are costly, but if you opt for a monitor with built-in speakers, you will get high quality at a lower price.

    2 in 1 hardware are in trend nowadays, which brings the monitor with built-in speakers in the limelight. If you plan to buy such monitors, then you must check out the list that we've made after detailed research of the best monitors with built-in speakers.

    List of 10 Best Monitors With Built In Speakers

    1. Samsung C27F591 

    Samsung C27F591 is one of the best and unique monitors with built-in speakers. It has a curved 27-inch screen with the most accurate colors in the price range. The design is thin and beautiful, the quality of the frame is durable and sturdy. The AMD Freesync gives you an amazing experience while watching the action scenes. It comes with a 5-watt built-in speaker which gives amazing audio quality for movies and for games. It has all different kinds of ports for better connectivity. It has HDMI, Display-Port, and D-sub ports.

    It is an eye saver mode which, when turned on, reduces flicker and blue light avoiding eye damages. The grayscale performance of this monitor is excellent and gives you the same color screened in almost all lighting conditions. It has RGB coverage of 119%, which makes it perfect for professional use. The screen is full HD with 1800R curvature. The bezel is super-thin which makes it look even better.

    • The curved screen is best for gamers and also to watch movies.
    • The AMD sync makes it suitable for editing professionally.
    • The design of the model will be easy to set up multiple monitor screens.
    • The screen size is best for every purpose.
    • It is a bit costly if you are buying it for personal use.
    • It misses the IPS panels which reduce its image quality.
    • The 27-inch screen does not fit well with the full HD resolutions.

    2. BenQ EL2870U

    BenQ EL2870U is a 28-inch 4K screen monitor. It has all features to make it an awesome monitor with built-in speakers. It is one of the best monitors for gamers, specifically. It has a full HD screen with the AMD Freesync which gives an amazing experience while playing fighting games. The response time is very fast which makes it unique among the monitors with built-in speakers. It has a response time of just 1 second. It gives a lag-free gaming experience due to the AND Freesync.

    It has a color depth of 10 bit whereas other similar monitors have a color depth of 8 bit. It also has the HDR effect which is absent in almost all the monitors. It has two different connectivity options, HDMI, DisplayPort. The monitor comes with two 2W speakers which are satisfactory. The thin Bezel gives it a sporty look and an amazing viewing experience. You will see enhanced graphics on this monitor due to the HDR feature.

    • It gives great gaming experience while playing on HDR mode.
    • The monitor is exceptionally fast with a response time of just 1 second.
    • The thin bezel makes it look attractive.
    • Thin Bezel gives it a sporty look.
    • It does not come with a Wide-angle view.
    • It is an expensive option amongst many cheaper products.
    • It is not compatible with VESA mounting, which makes it difficult to mount on the wall.

    3. Acer G276HL

    Acer G276HL is one of the best products by Acer. It is a 27-inch monitor with an IPS panel. The colors are all accurate, and the grayscale performance of the monitor is excellent. It has a 1920×1080 panel, which gives you a bezel-less screen experience. The material used to make its frame is a high-quality material, the bezels are made in a matte finish which makes it shiny and glossy.

    It can be connected through HDMI, DVI, VGA. The excellent connectivity makes it an all-in-one monitor that can be used as, computer, TV, or gaming screen. The screen has an excellent refresh rate, which is 75hz. The response time is lower when compared to the previously mentioned model. It comes with two 2watt speakers that give high-quality audio. It consumes very little power, which helps you save on your bills. The stand is adjustable and can tilt from 5-15 degrees. For anything under $200, it is an excellent product to invest your money.

    • The monitor looks great with a matte finish body.
    • The performance is excellent.
    • The accuracy of colors is almost perfect.
    • It consumes very little power.
    • Light gets reflected in the screen, which makes it uncomfortable and irritating while playing in daylight.
    • Few more features could've been added.

    4.  Sceptre E248W-19203R 24-Inch

    Sceptre E248W is a 24-inch monitor with a sleek and beautiful design. It comes with a 1920×1080 resolution, full HD screen. It gives an excellent performance, which makes it worth the money spent. You will not face any difficulty while watching or playing from an odd side because Sceptre E248W has a full 178° viewing angle screen. The image quality of the screen is amazingly fantastic, and the colors are accurate.

    The grayscale performance of the screen is satisfactory, which makes it comfortable to play or watch in low lights too. The angle which comes with the monitor is not adjustable; the height of the screen cannot be adjusted and also cannot be tilted for your comfort. All the ports for connectivity are placed behind the screen, which makes it very difficult to operate if the screen is mounted on the wall. The audio quality of the built-in speakers is fantastic and gives the right sound surround while playing music. The monitor is also suitable for gamers, as it is fast and powerful.

    • With a price of around $100, it is highly affordable.
    • The design is attractive with its thin bezel and sleek body.
    • The full view angle makes it even more comfortable to watch from any perspective.
    • The image quality is excellent.
    • The stand is not adjustable.
    • The connectivity ports are all situated on the backside of the monitor, which is very problematic if the screen is mounted on the wall.

    5. Dell S2419H S Series Monitor 24"

    Dell S2419H is one of the best monitors with built-in speakers; it has two 5-watt speakers with excellent audio quality. It comes with a 24- inches full HD screen along with the IPS technology. It has one VGA and two HDMI connections. The screen has a 1920×1080 resolution, which is the most commonly demanded resolution size. The RGB coverage is excellent, with almost 100% coverage. It is an excellent choice for photographers due to it's high RGB percentage. The response time is a little slow, but it is negligible and would not disturb you while working.

    It has a response time of 6 seconds. For people who like their screens mounted on the wall, this would not be the choice, as it does not have the VESA mounting capability. It does not have HRD10 quality, whereas each one of the predecessors has HDR10. It has the best speakers in the market when it comes to monitors with built-in speakers. It has a refresh rate of 60hz.

    • With its price, it is one of the best monitors with built-in speakers.
    • The bezel looks beautiful, and the design is perfect.
    • 100% of RGB coverage ensures the best image quality.
    • It comes with a flicker-free screen, which avoids stress on your eyes.
    • VESA mounting is absent.
    • It does not support HDR10.
    • The refresh rate is comparatively low.
    • The response time is slow.

    6. Acer R240HY bidx 23.8-Inch

    Acer R240HY is an amazing product by Acer, it comes with a resolution of 1920-1080. The screen has an anti-glare coating which helps you to work in a heavy lit environment. The design is very beautiful with a bezel of just 0.5 I'm. The monitor is also suitable for gamers, although it is slow in response time it fulfills every need. The refresh rate of this monitor is 60 which is the standard refresh rate, it allows overclocking at 75hz, which makes this monitor a good choice for gamers.

    The connectivity of the monitor is excellent with HDMI, DVI, and VGA ports. There is a headphone jack with this monitor, which allows you to connect a headphone also. You can tilt the screen for up to 15°. The screen is made with anti-flicker technology which makes the screen safe for your eyes. Just like other, Acer products, this monitor consumes very low energy.

    • The connectivity of this monitor is excellent with multiple input ports.
    • Anti-flicker is very healthy for your eyes.
    • The color scheme of the monitor is perfect.
    • The thin bezel makes it look even more attractive.
    • The image quality is excellent and you won't see and glare anytime.
    • Overclocking capability is a plus point for gamers.
    • The stand is very stiff and does not allow much movement.
    • The response time is very slow.
    • The screen size might not attract gamers.

    7. Asus MZ27AQ Designo

    It is a power-packed monitor with a massive 27-inch screen. It is one of the best monitors with built-in speakers. You get 6-watt stereo speakers with amazing audio quality. It also comes with a 5-watt subwoofer to run a 2.1 audio channel. The screen comes with a surprisingly high resolution of 2560 x 1440, which is far better than what is offered with other monitors. The monitor comes with a full HD screen along with an IPS panel. It flaunts a 100%RGB coverage, which makes it perfect for gaming and watching movies.

    The screen can tilt according to your needs. The screen comes with flicker-free technology which minimizes the risk of eye damage from the long use of computers. It has two HDMI ports and one display port for better connectivity. The screen provides a 178-degree view for better viewing from any angle. It also has the SplendidPlus technology which enhances the adjustments of the video, from brightness to contrast, Everything.

    • It has a massive screen that is suitable for professional gaming.
    • The resolutions are great.
    • The design is very attractive with a slim bezel and a gorgeous body.
    • The stand is adjustable.
    • It is an expensive option.
    • It does not come with a VESA mounting which means it Cannot be mounted on a wall.
    • It does not have the overclocking feature which would have made it more attractive for gamers.

    8. ViewSonic VA2759-SMH 27-Inch

    ViewSonic VA2759 is a massive monitor with excellent performance and great features. It comes with a full HD screen with an IPS panel. The accuracy of colors is excellent in this monitor. Grayscales performance is also fantastic, you will not have to struggle to watch anything in low light or excessive light. The monitor is compatible with almost every operating system. There are multiple view modes available in the settings of the monitor which allows you to switch from game to movies to text or anything else.

    It also has unique features that are generally present on smartphones, it has a ViewSplit feature that allows you to split the screen inTo different parts and use different applicationS on each part of the screen. The uncommon VESA mounting is available with this model, you can mount this monitor on the wall with no problem at all. It has HDMI and VGA ports for connectivity which it connectible with multiple devices. It comes with integrated dual speakers with great audio quality.

    • The screen's size is massive and makes it even more attractive.
    • The resolution of the screen and the image quality is best in the line.
    • The View Split feature makes it unique and special.
    • The VESA mounting compatibility makes it super easy to mount on walls.
    • The audio quality of the speakers is very poor.
    • The absence of overclocking features makes it less attractive to gamers.

    9. ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD

    ViewSonic VX3211 is one of the largest screens available at this price range, it comes with a 32-inch full HD screen. The screen comes with fully optimized viewer settings which can be adjusted according to your needs. The body comes with a thin bezel which is helpful in the set up of multiple screens. It comes with an RGB coverage of 99%. The high RGB coverage ensures great image quality. The monitor is compatible with the VESA mounting system. It comes with varying connectivity options, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA input.

    The screen comes with a resolution of 2560×1440p, which is better in comparison to similar products. The screen operates on anti-flicker technology which saves your eyes from any damage. The blue light emission can also be adjusted as per your need. You can watch movies from any angle, the wide-view screen allows viewing from odd angles. It has two 2.5-watt speakers with good quality audio.

    • The screen size is great for everything, from movies to gaming.
    • It provides QHD resolution at an affordable price.
    • 99% of RGB coverage makes it suitable for professional use.
    • VESA mounting makes it easy to mount the screen on the wall.
    • The speakers are not as good as compared to similar products.
    • It is not suitable for desk use because of its large size.

    10. HP VH240a 23.8-Inch monitor

    HP has been consistent in innovating its products for better results; HP VH240a is one such example. It is a simple yet attractive machine with all things that you might need while using a monitor. It comes with a 178° viewing angle, which allows you to watch from anywhere. The 24-inch screen provides 16.7 million colors, which makes the screen quality amazingly incredible. It comes with a full HD resolution and an IPS panel. The monitor comes with an ergonomic stand.

    The stand is fully flexible and can swivel, rotate, and tilt. The height of the stand is also adjustable. It comes with built-in 2-watt speakers. The speakers do not need any audio jack. The only thing that it misses is a headphone jack, which might irritate you some time. It has a bezel-less screen which looks very attractive. It can be connected through VGA and HDMI with HDCP. The stand doesn't suit the slim monitor as it is bulky and highly functional.

    • It is highly affordable.
    • The connectivity is excellent.
    • The stand is functional, which allows you to adjust it according to your needs.
    • Compatible with VESA mount.
    • The stand needs functional space.
    • The monitor is not suitable for gamers, as the response time is very high.
    • The headphone jack is absent.


    There are things that you must see in a monitor with built-in speakers and there are things that you should not search while looking for a monitor with built-in speakers. You should always look for the screen resolutions on the monitor and the connectivity. You should never try to swatch for high-end features in the monitor with built-in speakers. The overall winner of this list is the HP VH240a monitor, it has everything and is supremely affordable. It has an adjustable stand, the screen size is perfect, it is compatible with almost every software and device and it has incredible connectivity. Monitors with built-in speakers do not offer strong machinery but ensure a reliable light use monitor for you. Be smart while choosing one for you.
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