10 Best 120mm Case Fan

Updated: September 12, 2020
Thermaltake Riing 120mm
Thermaltake Riing 120mm
  • Anti-vibration Mounting System
  • Low-Noise Design
  • Wind Blocker Frame
  • Check Price On Amazon
    UpHere RGB123-5 120mm
    UpHere RGB123-5 120mm
  • High Airflow
  • Super Quiet
  • Water-cooling system
  • Check Price On Amazon
    Corsair ML120 Pro
    Corsair ML120 Pro
  • Extensive Control Range
  • Radiating LED Lighting
  • Magnetic Bearing
  • Check Price On Amazon

    Best 120mm case fan.

    As the love for gaming increases, the need for better equipment also increases. When you start playing high-end games, you will surely need some to-notch computer components too. While playing intense games for a long time, the machines start getting heated, here comes the need for a case fan, which is used to cool down the case and maintain a comfortable environment in the case. Case fans come in all sizes and colors; the size of the fan depends upon the space in your case. In this list, we will talk about a few of the best 120mm case fans available in the market today.

    If your case size is large then you must go with the larger size case fans like 140 mm case fans.

    The sole motive of a case fan is to cool down the components of the gaming setup, and to do so; It needs to be highly efficient. The fan needs to be speedy and needs to have a higher air displacement rate.

    Checkout some of the Best 120mm case fan:

    1.Cooler Master JetFlo 120

    Cooler Master JetFlo 120 is one of the best case fans with controllable speed. The fan is a bit noisy, but if you can control the speed through cable management or BIOS settings, you will get fantastic performance. The RPM of the fan ranges between 1200 and 1600 RPM, which is surprisingly high for a 120mm case fan. The fan connects through a 4-pin connector. The design is minimalistic, and so is the weight of the fan, which is just 18.1g. It is power efficient and only consumes 4.8W. It is a whooping airflow rate of 95Cfm, which means it will throw 95 cubic feet of the heated air every minute. It is available in LED and non-LED variants. It also has two variants that are differentiated by their RPM rate, 1200 RPM with 19 decibels(DBA) level, and 1600 RPM with 28 decibels(DBA) level. Great fan for gaming enthusiasts. For a longer life, it comes with a dustproof and waterproof coating. The speed of the fan can be controlled through the "Smart Jam," which is a unique feature by Cooler matter.
    • Power-efficient.
    • Lightweight.
    • Speed control.
    • Multiple variants.
    • Dust and water-resistant.
    • Excellent RPM rate.
    • Fitting it in the CPU case is not easy.
    • Noisy.

    2. Corsair ML120 Pro

    Corsair ML120 Pro is a good option for RGB lovers, for people who love flashy lights and fancy colors. It is exceptionally powerful for its size. It is worth every penny spent on it. It will look brilliant, along with an RGB gaming setup. There are RGB lights on the inner edge of the frame, which throws lights at the fan while working.

    The fan runs at an extremely high speed of 400 to 2400 RPM, which is exciting because it will cool down the case as soon as possible. It is a silent fan and does not make any irritating noise, even at the maximum speed. The river dumpers around the frame make it even quieter. It comes in three different color variants, red, white, and blue. The river dumpers can be changed from time to time to keep the noise away.

    If you can afford a little expensive case fan, this can be the best case fan that you've ever used. It is fancy; it is powerful and delivers an excellent performance.

    • The magnetic bearings improve performance.
    • The Custom Rotor Design is specifically designed for a longer shelf life of the fan.
    • The river dumpers can be changed if needed, to keep the noise at the lowest.
    • It comes with a total of 8 frosted fan blades.
    • The speed of the fan can be adjusted anywhere from 400 to 2400 RPM, which is a fantastic speed to play with.
    • Expensive.
    • If the dumpers get loose, it will get noisy.

    3. ARCTIC F12 PWM

    ARCTIC F12 PWM is a simplistic, performance-oriented case fan. For people who want nothing else but the excellent performance from the case fan, ARCTIC F12 PWM is the best fan you can get in the market right now. The design of the fan is dual-tone with a black frame and white fan blades, which looks good and will go along almost every setup.

    The fan has a speed ranging from 300 to 1350 RPM, which is satisfying. The speed of the fan can be adjusted accordingly. The fan has an airflow rate of 57 Cfm; it displaced a total of 57 cubic feet of hot air out of the case every minute. It is a quiet fan that only produces 25 dBa noise. It runs on a Fluid Dynamic Bearing, which makes it even smoother and silent.

    If you are planning to build a simplistic gaming setup with all-natural colors, with no fancy lights and fancy colors, it will suit your needs. It is easy to install and quiet, which makes it an easy favorite of pro-gamers.

    • The speed of the fan can be adjusted according to your need.
    • The maximum speed can be achieved without any irritating noise.
    • It is exceedingly power-efficient when compared to other similar fans.
    • Fantastic performance at an affordable price.
    • No RGB lights.
    • Not so attractive.
    • The RPM rate is just mediocre.

    4. Noctua NF-F12 PWM

    Noctua NF-F12 PWM is a colorful but an elegant fan with all kinds of exciting features, it comes in a dual-color pattern with an off-white frame and dark red fan blades. The design looks good, and the performance is brilliant. It connects through a 4-pin connector. It is a good option if the case comes with no transparent panels.

    It has a good fan speed ranging from 309 to 1500 RPM. The speed is good enough for any gaming setup. No gaming setup will ever need higher RPM than this. It has an airflow rate of around 54.97 Cfm, cubic feet per minute. It is a quiet fan and only makes a sound equivalent of 22.4dB(A). It comes with a warranty of 6 years, which is long almost enough to upgrade the setup. The design isn't appealing, but the performance compensates for that.

    Overall this is a good product at a fair price, with all the essential features. Even if you play at high resolution, you will feel any heat in case. It is value for the money you spend on this fan, perfect for mid-range gaming setups.

    • High airflow displacement.
    • Excellent fan speed for quick cooling.
    • Very long shelf life.
    • Does not make any irritating sound.
    • The design is a little awkward.
    • It gets noisy at maximum speed.

    5. Rosewill 120mm Long Life ROCF-13001

    As the name suggests, this fan is made to live longer than others. The unique sleeve bearing gives this fan a more extended shelf life when compared to other similar products. This fan is a good option for a simplistic gaming setup, which is ultimately performance-oriented and does not have to do anything with looks. The fan looks like an exhaust fan, plain black with straight blades and no design at all.

    The speed of the fan can be anywhere between 300 and 1500 RPM, which can be controlled by the user. It has an airflow rate of 38.2 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), which is satisfactory for a 120mm fan. The fan is built for tough use and will not need any repair until it is terrible. It functions on two different ROM rates, one with 1200 RPM with 22 decibels(dBA) and the other one with 1300 RPM with 22.5 decibels(dBA).

    The fan is a super-easy choice for a simple gaming setup with a black theme. It will disappear in a simplistic gaming setup because of its design. It has dual power head's, 3-pin, and 4-pin. It is an affordable option with satisfactory performance in every aspect.

    • The Sleeve bearing helps it get a longer shelf life.
    • Very affordable and reasonably priced.
    • Silent, even in heavy load.
    • Functions on two different RPMs.
    • Easy to fit design.
    • Boring design.
    • No RGB lights variant.
    • The airflow is just average.
    • Looks cheap.

    6. Antec TrueQuiet 120

    Antec TrueQuiet 120 is a performance-oriented fan with an easy to install frame. The fan does not make any disturbing noise as the name suggests. The design of the fan is simple yet exciting, the frame is black, and the blades are made on silicon, which looks like the color is fading. The speed of the fan can be controlled by a switch, which comes with the fan.

    It is effortless to change the speed of the fan; you just have to toggle with the button. The fan has a speed ranging from 600 to 1000 RPM, which is enough to have. It comes with an airflow rate of 35.8 CFM, which means that it can throw a total of 35.8 cubic feet of air out of the case every minute. It is a good fan with low noise of 19.9 decibels(dBA).

    • Affordable.
    • Dual-switch support.
    • Two RPM settings.
    • Quiet, even at maximum speed.
    • Easy to install.
    • Low RPM rate.
    • Only for beginners.
    • No RGB variants.

    7. Thermaltake Riing 120mm

    It is a fancy and flashy fan for an exciting gaming setup. It is an exciting design with all kinds of colored RGB lights, along with the inner frame. The design of the fan is a bit different because the LEDs are placed on the ring, which otherwise is placed in the center of the fan. It comes with 4 RGB options, red, white, blue, and green. The design does not come with any compromise with the performance; it gives a fantastic performance consistently.

    The fan runs at speed between 300 and 1500 RPM, which is more than sufficient for almost every gaming setup. The airflow rate of the fan is 51.1 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). The fan is comfortably quiet, even at its maximum speed, it makes 24.6 dBA while running at its top speed. The air pressure is excellent; it will be best suited for the radiator.

    • It comes with Concentrated Compression Blade, for better static pressure.
    • The bearing lubricates itself and saves you some time.
    • Silent.
    • 4-colored RGB lights.
    • The Low noise cable is short.
    • Only 36 months warranty.

    8. UpHere RGB123-5 120mm

    UpHere is known for its high-quality fancy case fans, to add to this list UpHere has come up with the RGB123-5 120mm fan. It is a power-efficient fan with low power consumption. The performance is excellent with low noise and high airflow and RPM rates. The RGB lights look fantastic when the fan works with the illumination effect. The lights are completely adjustable. Everything is controlled with simple buttons, lights, speed, and everything else.

    he speed ranges from 300 RPM to 1100 RPM. The airflow rate of the fan is 46.3 CFM(cubic feet per minute). The fan makes a little noise and makes only 17.6 DBA at the top speed. The fan can connect through a 3-pin and 4-pin connector. The RGB has five lights and one controller, 40 rubber pads, and 20 installing screws.

    • Attractive design.
    • Multiple RGB lights.
    • Easy to control.
    • High airflow rate.
    • Low RPM rate.
    • Expensive.

    9. Thermaltake Luna 120mm

    Another Thermaltake fan in the list, Luna 120mm, is best known for its flexible blades. It is one of the best case fans in the market right now. It is built with high-quality parts to ensure a longer life. All the pieces are tough and made with unique ingredients to make the fan flexible. You will get an excellent performance along with an attractive look.

    The frame of the case fan is large and creates higher static pressure for better results. The speed of the fan is under 1400 RPM, which is sufficient for any gaming setup. It cools down the case quickly. While running on its top speed, it makes only 24 decibels(dBA) noise. It can connect through a 3-pin and 4-pin connector alike.

    • High static pressure for better cooling.
    • The bearing has a long life and lubricates itself.
    • The double-curved fan looks good.
    • The RPM can be controlled through the motherboard.
    • RGB variants are available.
    • Great fan speed.
    • No switch.
    • Vibrates while running at top speed.

    10. NZXT FN V2 120mm Performance

    When it comes to the best power-efficient case fans, NZXT FN V2 120mm is the best. It takes just 5V DC to start. For best performance and to keep the noise of the fan low, a rifle bearing is used in this fan. This fan comes with a long shelf life and does not need any repair anytime soon. It supports a 3-pin header but can also operate efficiently on a 5-pin header.

    The speed of the fan varies under 1200 RPM, which is satisfactory for any gamer. The airflow rate of the fan is 45 Cfm, which means that it can throw a total of 45 cubic feet of air out of the case every minute. It is a quiet fan and only makes 21dBA noise at the top speed.

    • Rifle bearing for better performance.
    • Power-efficient.
    • Anti-vibration pads.
    • Satisfactory performance.
    • No RGB variant.
    • Makes a clicking noise.
    • Boring design.


    Every part of the case will affect the performance of the computer; these case fans will help you to bring the best out of your computer. There are a ton of options for a fan, there are simple fans, and there are fancy RGB fans, you must choose the one which suits your setup the best. The size of the fan is not adjustable hence you must check the space in your case first; in this list, we've gathered some of the best Best 120mm case fan, so choose accordingly. Be smart and choose smart.

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